Pundi X Makes World’s First Blockchain Phone Call

I mean if you owned a store and were offered a pos system that accepted major crptos who would say no? Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile and also highly complicated, so you should never buy any digital currency without thoroughly researching it first. You’ll need to carefully consider the factors that could potentially have an impact on the price of a coin or token before you buy. This cryptocurrency payment card will be known as XPass and allow for users to pay for goods and services with a swipe.

Pundi X has an API suite that connects to the Ethereum blockchain and stores user data in the blockchain in the form of hash calculations. The aim is to store all data indefinitely – including utility bill history.

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On December 8, Pundi X announced that it has integrated GBP and EUR fiat through a partnership with U.K-based firm Ramp. The partnership allowed users to buy DAI stablecoins via Apple Pay, debit cards, and bank transfers. The Pundi X team stated that tested 3.0 where to buy npxs will be compatible with Ethereum EVM. It will offer the cheapest transaction cost at 1 cent for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Besides, the confirmation time will be only 5 seconds, making it one of the fastest as well.

Apart from the Sales Network, Pundi X also has an Advertising and Management Platform that keeps consumers informed about new cryptocurrencies and supporting services. Mr, Nikhil Ingole is a cryptocurrency technical analyst with over seven years of technical analysis trading experience in Forex and Indian stock market. As a commerce graduate, he has taken a keen interest in blockchain’s future potentials in the financial industry.

Pundi X is a sponsor at consensus 2018 and will be showcasing its free POS system for retailers that can accept crypto as payment and free cards for consumers. I believe Npxs will explode once a major exchange opens its doors and at under a cent right now its pretty much a no brainer.

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The new token will come with passive staking functionality and regular rewards. Starting in April, PUNDIX DeFi staking will start on decentralized exchanges.

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Pundi X is a blockchain startup that aims to make cryptocurrency an enabler of ubiquitous cashless payment environments across South East Asia and beyond. Pundi X POS enables shops, cafes and convenience stores to sell cryptocurrency to a broad cross section of regular consumers and builds on the success of Pundi-Pundi which is one of Indonesia’s most popular QR code cashless payment apps. The launch of Pundi X POS is a stepping stone towards an ICO in late 2017 that will provide funding for between 100,000 and 700,000 Pundi X POS devices to be installed over the next three years across all target markets. The X POS device is geared towards a low fee or free model whereby shop merchants are encouraged to acquire devices from Pundi X at minimal cost. Revenue is shared between shop merchants and Pundi X each time a service or cryptocurrency is delivered to users. Since each Pundi X POS device is connected to the web, software and feature updates can be performed remotely.

where to buy npxs

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The mobile wallet is designed to make it easy for users to store their public and private keys and to manage their cryptocurrency balance. The app will allow users to buy BTC, ETH and other cryptos using cash or card, sell digital currency for cash, top up fiat money in a digital wallet, and buy utilities and services using cryptocurrency. Pundi X POS is the most user-friendly way to buy, sell or use cryptocurrencies. When making cashless payments using cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency is exchanged back to fiat money in real time before buying goods, making the currency conversion process completely seamless to the user. NPXS was a token created by PundiX and will be used on their blockchain operated payment service. What separates PundiX from other platforms is that they’ve went beyond the token and are actually releasing point of sale hardware to allow vendors to easily send and accept cryptocurrency payment.

Is NPXS on Coinbase?

Pundi X is not supported by Coinbase.

With this development, it will be possible for users to buy or sell crypto assets using a mobile wallet or point-of-sale. Pundi X platform tries to increase the number of people that trade Bitcoin by using a contactless payment card and Point-of-Sale terminals. The platform focuses on physical stores retail payment using an open-source system. Additionally, it will offer support for automated market-making as well as staking.

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He possesses strong technical, analytical skills and is well known for his financial market’s informative analysis. Other than crypto, Nikhil Loves to watch his favorite football team and keep up to date with the latest Formula 1 racing. Cutberto Sr., CEO Protection This is not the future, either — it is litecoin development roadmap already happening.

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Many now consider Dent to be a good investment. While it is not the most profitable cryptocurrency out there, it is advisable to buy Dent. You can buy the cryptocurrency on crypto exchange platforms and CFDs with your credit card or debit card.

While the beginning of 2019 was all about doom and gloom and readjusting expectations, there seems to finally be good news for crypto investors, especially those who are in it for the long haul. If the current momentum carries into next year, we could see some new players starting to make waves and headlines.


The price of Bitcoin stagnated and slid below $52K briefly, dragging along other altcoins. But NPXS started to look promising for holding its price position while also promising real-world utility. It may seem that the current bull run is triggered by crypto market sentiment, but some observers think improving fundamentals and its upcoming testnet could be the main reason. The platform uses contactless payment cards and POS terminals to increase digital asset adoption. The main section, the main price, and the movement are also displayed. This revenue model comes from the sale and usage of the Pundi X native token called PXS in the Pundi X ecosystem, enabling B2B merchants to use PXS tokens to enter the Sales Network ecosystem. PXS tokens are available for sale during the Pundi X ICO in October.

For example, Pundi-Pundi is already one of Indonesia’s largest QR payment applications . Since February 2017, Pundi-Pundi has been downloaded over 100,000 times, achieving 20,000 monthly active users. Today, Cryptocurrency wallet over 500 retail outlets, restaurants and cafes accept our Pay-By-QR apps. Users are concentrated in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta with an eventual roll out planned across the whole of South East Asia.

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  • If the current momentum carries into next year, we could see some new players starting to make waves and headlines.
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Blockchain-based crypto payments solution developer, Pundi X Labs has had their NPXS virtual token be approved for listing on the OKCoin Korea cryptocurrency exchange, according to a tweet uploaded on Sunday evening by Zac Cheah (Co-Founder & CEO, Pundi X). PundiX is known for its point of sale solution for using crypto to make everyday purchases. The POS devices of PundiX spread from Singapore, and are going through popularization in Brazil and Nigeria. Crypto spending is still a limited market, due to price volatility, but PundiX is one of the projects that survived for a long time since its initial token sale in 2017. It’s no news that borderless digital currency payment platform Pundi X is about to launch its testnet. However, the company’s token NPXS is making all the headlines as it surged by 102% within few days. With Bitcoin increasingly getting support and the smart money finally getting in and bringing some stability to the market, many altcoins stand to benefit from it.


The price then reached a new all-time high on March 29 at $ 0.224, but resumed its decline, leaving behind a shooting star. However, a shooting star candlestick pattern appeared on the chart – this is a sure sign of a trend reversal. While Mr. Huang and co-founder Zac Cheah believe their crypto exchanger latest invention could solve the scalability issue, for now the phone remains off market. More information about the product will be released in the next week. Cryptocurrency prices are volatile… The 24h % change is the difference between the current price and the price24 hours ago.

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