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Choose a design you love and work closely with the winning designer to refine and finalize your design. After that they’ll supply the files eco rehab needed for print or digital use. Most design contests take about a week, however there are options to expedite the process if necessary.

With the windows for the bedroom already rough framed, we built up the siding around the openings. Nest Designs was hired by a local contractor to design a new floor-plan for a house in the ECO Rehabarama project in Huber Heights. Part of my design included using a barn door to separate two adjacent room. The barn door allowed for more floor space, since there was no door swing. Here is an image of the red barn door that separates the utility room from the dining room. The door was painted bright red, Sherwin Williams SW7590 Red Obsession, and is made from reused materials from deconstructed houses. Dining table and chairs are from Crate&Barrel.


A contest allows you to open your design brief to our global community of creative designers. Designers submit concepts based on your needs and you pick your favorite as the winner. Hacienda Paradiso donates 50% of turnover to local charities and causes, reinforcing its position as a truly sustainable, ecological rehab experience. ecoREHAB Design-build / low-income housing elective; Part of a team that included Jonathan Spodek and 9 other students.

We then took the gutters to scrap, and it was $20.17 so I won! I have to decide what we should use the money for, as of right now I have no idea. Here is an image of the kitchen in the eco rehabarama house. I designed the u-shaped kitchen and the contractors for the project made the cabinetry out of reclaimed lumber. Concrete counter-tops were used in the kitchen and unstained oak flooring was installed throughout the house.

Copper Tree To Symbolize Eco

View of the bathroom before lowered ceiling joists put in . Here is the new kitchen window, framed in and tape sealed. Today at MUDS once again, we got everything pretty much prepped. Megan and Kourtney stripped a lot of the paint and caulk off of the pieces of trim while I sanded them outside. Fairly straight forward day today, and we were able to get all of the pieces prepped for Monday. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it’s like to work at E-rehab, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at E-rehab.

This goes pretty quickly when you are using the nail gun! I also learned the importance of crowning today, the hard way. Good thing the whole house is wonky, that wall will feel right at home. Select your favorite custom Logo & brand identity pack (Or two! Or three!). Work with talented, professional Logo & brand identity pack designers to turn your ideas into reality. Every design category has flexible pricing for all budgets.

Renewable Energy Brand Identity Logo and Brand Identity design for renewable Energy Brand. Client wanted an iconic design that can easily be used across social media and other forms of communication. The design utilizes business acronym while creating a feeling of human harmony towards energy.

Jarmu Collaborated With Designers To Refine Their Ideas

Along the rocky hillside, a vessel has arrived. It is a craft of enormous dimensions, covering the mountainous peak. Yet, the ground beside it remains undisturbed. Inside the craft, however, things are not as quiet. A young waitress, Casey Stevens, awakens after having mysteriously vanished from Blackwood thirty-five years earlier. Navigating inverted tunnels, she’s plagued by ghostly apparitions from her past and stalked by a ravenous alien experiment gone horribly wrong.

Megan had done this before on a previous EcoRehab project she had worked on, but I myself have not. The cross bracing pieces are simply metal pieces in a “v” shape, to add some extra rigidity to the joists. Nailing them to the actual joists was challenging at times, due to the fact that sometimes you have to nail them to the bottom of the joists which was awkward at times. My 22 oz hammer came in handy today when we got to the end of the room. We had to add some blocking between the last joist and the wall to prevent buckling, and Megan’s 16 oz hammer couldn’t tap it in. Didn’t work much earlier this week, but today we worked on a lot of things.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment on all design contests, except those with a guaranteed designer prize and those that have entered the Final Round. 99designs is the global creative platform that makes it easy for designers and clients eco rehab to work together to create designs they love. Hacienda Paradiso is more than just a rehab clinic. A way of life that effortlessly blends World Class treatment and sustainable living through water conservation, organic gardening, and ecological restoration.

A stay at Hacienda Paradiso addresses all the benefits; physical, mental, and spiritual, that the environment can offer to those that develop a deep integral connection with nature. The latest brand from the hugely successful Villa Paradiso Group brings together award-Winning addiction recovery in a sustainable, majestic natural environment. Within the studio, we were then given the opportunity to focus on a rebuilding portion of the project as small teams .

Eco Rehabarama

Today was probably the coldest day we have worked out here yet, my finger tips were numb most of the day. Today we all mainly attacked the foundation around the back bedroom, it was in pretty bad shape. John showed us the process of mixing up the mortar, and how to properly lay a brick. I for one have never done any real brick work, so naturally I was very excited to add something to my belt of knowledge. We also did a lot of what is called “toothpatching”, where you add mortar to existing brick. I had no idea that there was so much involved with brick work, and today really made me admire masons everywhere.

My involvement as part of the Front Porch Team developed a solution reflecting the historical character of the house while utilizing reclaimed material throughout. All specific design solutions and building centered around materials that could be found at “Solid State” Muncie’s local reclaimed material depot from the areas dilapidated and demolished homes. Today we split into groups to divide and conquer. It was pretty cold out and rainy, so we had to just stick with doing inside stuff today, ie. My group went to the house and pulled nails all day. Not a super productive day, but at least we didn’t sit on our hands.

  • Today we did more prep work on all of the window trim.
  • The design utilizes business acronym while creating a feeling of human harmony towards energy.
  • Chris, Charlie and I worked outside while Kourtney and Megan worked inside.
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  • Afterward, John said it was custom to take a pool on how much money the scrap aluminum would get at the scrap yard, and I put down $22.
  • I for one have never done any real brick work, so naturally I was very excited to add something to my belt of knowledge.

Generally, you want to allow 24″ per person for the width of an island. This island is 9′-6″ feet wide. Since one person was going to be seated against a wall, I wanted to give them a little more room. The stock cabinet bases are 24″ in depth. I added a support wall that also allowed us to add electric to the island. That is approximately 4.5″. Again, the ground was rock hard from the fact that March has not figured out its spring yet, but we got it done. I was also assigned to take the gutters down all around the house today with Charlie and Megan.

Ecorehab Projects

Started framing work for lowering the ceiling in the bathroom today. Megan, Kourtney, Emery and I are all working on this today. Process wise, we found square lines coming off of the newly framed wall so that we could begin nailing up the joists for the lowered ceiling. The existing walls of the house are not plumb at all, so this way, we Alcohol detoxification were able to building the joists level with the new wall and the floor. The joists are nailed in place using joist hangers, which are simply metal brackets that nail to the face of the ledger or beam, around the joist thus “hanging” it. Today Megan and I were assigned to apply cross bracing to the floor joists in the back of the house.

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