Concealing Your IP Address With a Proxy Blog

A number of people are using the WordPress platform to host their proxy blog in order to preserve their identities, hide all their location and hide all their activities. Using a WordPress instance to host a proxy blog page is one way to do this, but it has their limitations and you need to be aware about them. The advantages of by using a WordPress case to hide where you are, for instance, is that you can frequently just add an ‘intranet’ layer to your website and this can hide your IP address by most visitors of your web page.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to this. WordPress comes bundled with a lot of really beneficial plug-ins and lots of of them are instantly enabled automatically and are easy to use. Some of these plug-ins are very risky and will actually harm your computer — such as allowing for anyone to perspective your email. So whilst being able to cover your IP address using translucent proxies using WordPress is great, you still need to make sure these types of plugins are installed on your website in the first place which they’re safeguarded.

To battle the problem of exposing your location through clear proxies, you can even use a proksy server. A proxy storage space is basically yet another website which is designed to conceal your IP address and in turn passes the requests through another hardware, effectively growing them throughout the hands on the real web servers. There are several great proxy machines available online and quite a few of them are very easy to use and do not require virtually any configuration. Additionally they don’t tend to cause problems, as well as the performance and speed with the sites they will represent are often pretty good. If you’re going to make use of a proxy web server, however , factors to consider it’s a recognized and popular web page that has a large user base which is secure.

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